Signing Up For A Visa
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Signing Up For A Visa

Well, it looks like today I have signed up for a Visa credit card. Why did I do that? In general I would prefer to just use one credit card as the Mastercard has served me well. It just seems like a lot of merchants are only accepting Visa and at the same time I see so many perks that you can get from vendors from using this card too. Sure doesn’t help that during the Olympics time here they are like a sponsor meaning you must use their card.

I guess having a very good credit history helps as I was simply pre-approved and got to choose the credit limit that I wanted. I chose the o fee cashback option with this one too and the funny thing is there is actually a fee if you don’t use it for a whole year. Something like $7 a year if you don’t make one transaction. First time I heard of that.

I think I will still use the Mastercard more. But, I guess this at least gives me the ability to be more prepared for purchases as I always try to avoid using cash.

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