Showing The Human Side of Burnout or Not

Showing The Human Side of Burnout or Not

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This was actually really interesting to see recently as I was reading messages posted on a company site where customers were making them aware of a page that has a broken link while needing a lot of updates as it hasn’t been touched in years. For example, technical information that isn’t as relevant today than a few years ago. While the company did give a quick reply the person responded by saying they will address it a short while later as they are currently too tired in a sense to spend energy on a non-emergency item.

That’s interesting in the sense that they actually were just open about the person being burnt out per se but wanted to acknowledge people quickly that they took note of it. If you ever think of a larger company saying that most people would be really cynical and tell them too bad as they are a paying customer or that they should spend their millions hiring more people. I guess maybe that’s why it was more acceptable here as it is small business.

In some ways I guess it could potentially work for a small company where showing they are trying their best with their limited resources can add that human factor on why many would opt to go with them versus a large corporation that just sees numbers.

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