Showing The Facts To Consumers Versus Attacking Them

Showing The Facts To Consumers Versus Attacking Them

Recently I noticed an organization receiving a lot of criticism from the general public as they felt their business practices were deceitful. For example, potentially doing things to stifle competition to increase their bottom line. A lot of the criticism were backed up with facts a well. So how did the organization respond? Interestingly they responded by fundamentally trying to attack the critics.

For example, instead of actually showing how what people are saying isn’t true they would make remarks to imply that the person criticizing them has bad grammar in their speech. Literally. They don’t even focus on the topic but resort to essentially trying to belittle people. To me as an outsider that would often indicate there is something wrong with the business that they are trying to hide.

It reminds me of that show Kitchen Nightmares with the infamous episode of Amy’s Baking company. Basically, the owners would address criticism by unleashing a flurry of insults and vulgar language to the customers in an over the top way. Not exactly a great way to show you are trying to offer the best. You would think like there if people were accusing you of serving say canned food then all you need to do is show them the fresh ingredients you use. Just going off on people to me would say there is probably a lot of truth to the information that is being presented.

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