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Showing Smaller Successes To Seem Normal

What an odd story this was. Ever heard people say to others that if something seems too good to be true it probably is? Apparently there was a person who seemed to be too good at what he did where people constantly were apprehensive about doing business with him as this made them feel like he was somehow putting on an act where it made them relentlessly spend time in trying to find anything negative about him. Kind of ironic in many ways considering many times a good track record should be the reason you would trust someone to do business with huh?

I guess after some real thinking and research the problem seemed to be that the successes that he highlighted seemed way too big where naturally everyone is skeptical as they want to see some failures too for the sake of making it seem more real since no one is perfect. Sure enough, choosing not to highlight so many big accomplishments while mixing it up with some smaller success appeared to increase the trust factor by a lot.

That is definitely true for even things like sites that try to sell products emotional I think. Example, if all you see are results where people are all like billionaires or models then more than likely the cynical and skeptical meter will go high regardless if something is legitimate.

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