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Showing Business Alternatives Instead of Using Old Tech

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This got me thinking as recently I was asked if I could help with some work where the client apparently wanted it done using some pretty old applications. At first I was wondering why as there are a lot of alternatives that are better these days. The simple answer is that is what they know and are used to requesting. That brings up the point where many times I find people actually only care about the end result product and couldn’t care less about what is used to create it.

A good example I had before was that someone requested a slideshow using traditional Microsoft power point presentations. I actually suggested to use video instead where people can watch it online in a movie presentation fashion. In the end they agreed and ultimately they loved the result. That’s all you really need to do sometimes is explain that there may be better avenues to achieve what they want.

Kind of like saying an old school person may say fax the item because they simply never just scanned and emailed papers as an example. If anything, it can’t hurt to suggest it as you want what is best for people.

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