Shopping Store Closing Sales Early or Later
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Shopping Store Closing Sales Early or Later

I decided to take as stroll through some Bed Bath and Beyond stores as they are all closing up due to bankruptcy. That means clearance sales as expected. On top of that, it is very normal for these liquidation companies to markup the prices to the point where the clearance prices end up being the normal retail prices. However, a lot of people will still buy the items thinking its deal. That puts the savvy shopper in a predicament where one would be willing to wait it out until the price is actually a good deal. But with people buying all the good stuff right away that deal may not exist later.

So what would you do in that case? Let’s say there was a product you were eyeing and the savings with this liquidation is only ten percent. Do you just buy it now and save something or risk waiting where the product will be sold out? For myself I tend to wait if the deal isn’t good. Reason being is a discount of 10% as an example is pretty common for a lot of companies where if you don’t get it today here there will likely be a deal elsewhere.

It’s trickier if you say the product is legitimately 30% off where you still like a bigger discount. That I may actually make the purchase assuming again it’s a real 30% deal and I have an immediate use of the item. It’s just too easy to get sucked into the fear of missing out syndrome where you end up purchasing the item close to retail price.

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