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Shopping Regardless Of Bad Sales

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I was reading some stories today on how s so many people here felt that companies that tried to deliver a Cyber Monday sale failed at it as the prices and product offerings weren’t too great. Some people mentioned that they stayed up all night to see what the deals were. The most interesting comments I thought were how some people expressed that they bought stuff anyways as they didn’t want it to feel like they stayed up all night for nothing.

Kind of interesting I thought as would you be losing double this way instead? For sure you have lost a lot of time where you essentially gambled in hopes that you spent all the hours to get a good deal. So walking away with nothing would mean you lost that time. But if you bought something anyways to try and justify the loss of time wouldn’t you be losing more in the end this way?

The way I see it your money is time too as you worked hard to earn it. So just spending it in this scenario in some ways can be like waiting in line for another twelve hours. For myself I usually have a backup where if I am hunting for a bargain I would actually be doing something during the downtime or that for sure I would be buying something that I need like say groceries to semi insure that I am not wasting a trip, so to speak. If the sale is bad there is no point wasting further money on it I’d say.

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