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Shopping This Late Makes Gift Cards More Sensible

It seems like companies are already throwing out Boxing Day flyers where you could of course can buy things such as various electronics for half price off. I was thinking though as so many people are actually still rushing to buy those high ticketed items to hopefully surprise people. When I think about it more isn’t it a bit painful having to say pay way more for something that will drop like a rock in price the day right after Christmas? Example, a $500 item before Christmas would be like $300 at Boxing Day.

Now I know there are many people that will specifically gift give the day after Christmas just for this reason where families save so much more money as a result. In many ways too it almost makes more sense to just buy people like a gift card instead where they can get the same item for way less. Or a fun idea I was thinking where if you are worried they won’t be able to get their hands on the item because of a sales rush then part of the gift too is free labor in going to get it for them.

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping by now maybe the money route isn’t too bad of an idea for everyone. Reminds me why too that I usually shop year round for gifts where I always have people in mind whenever I am deal hunting. Way less stress and the money you save really adds up.

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