Shopping Groceries Based On Brand or Type Knowledge
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Shopping Groceries Based On Brand or Type Knowledge

Today I went shopping for some oranges for my mom as she wasn’t feeling well and that was one thing she requested. As I went to various supermarkets there appeared to be some good deals. The funny thing was how there were so many different kinds such as Naval and Mandarin oranges. As well, there were many cases where the orange types itself wasn’t listed but rather the brand. Example, one called Blue Jay and that was the only name in the description.

From what I gathered that was a naval orange. But it did make me wonder how many times people will buy supermarket items like these based on the brand versus the type. I know before “Sunkist” was a brand that was sold a lot here where people often associated that with a typical orange. With that said, I have heard plenty of stories where people grabbed that company’s brand of orange only to find out it was say a blood orange which wasn’t the type they were seeking.

Would you just expect consumers to know themselves on what is what? I think in these cases too, often if people make the wrong purchase type they would just eat it and remember for the next time funny enough.

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