Shopping For Items Purely Based On Reviews

Shopping For Items Purely Based On Reviews

Recently my parents were telling me that they had a mosquito issue where when I went to the home one room had about seven mosquitoes which I manually took are of. It apparently was bothering my mom all night with mosquitoes buzzing near her ear. So as a result I decided to try and research mosquito zappers which I am not too familiar with. Despite how great the marketing materials were for some, I ended up gravitating so far to the ones with the highest review ratings.

Now I know companies can manipulate these such as paying people to do reviews, but it kind of shows you how important user reviews are to the point where if you are investing thousands of dollars into an ad campaign maybe it’s better to use that money to provide people with samples to review. As long as people are transparent such as getting the item to review I could imagine a positive review will go a long way.

Of course there are risks where someone will hate the product and leave a bad review, but if the mass majority are positive and you have a good product it may be the best form of marketing funds investment.

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