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Shopping Based On Seasons

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For one reason or another I had a craving for a pineapple recently and so I decided that I was going to shop around for one. A person then told me that I should avoid it as at this point of the year it is an out of season fruit and therefore the price is usually jacked up and will probably cost me like $5 to buy one.

In many ways that is true I suppose where if you really want to save money, shopping for specific items during specific times of the year can definitely save you money. I suppose the more extreme like in this case is that when it comes to food items changing your grocery shopping based on the time of the year can be a way o save more too. Almost like how some people purchase and plan their meals based on what is on sale.

While those are a good way to save money and in many ways convinced me to not shop for the pineapple, funny thing was that I was walking to the grocery store to buy a different item and wouldn’t you know it……I saw a decent size pineapple for about $2.50. As well, they had a special where you could buy two for $4.50. So I guess destiny was on my side huh? :mrgreen:

4 Comments to Shopping Based On Seasons

  • It’s better for the environment to buy foods which are in season and are grown locally.

    It’s the middle of winter now, think about how far away your pineapple came from. Think about how expensive shipping is, and how much pollution was created to ship the pineapple here.

    That’s food for thought. You should look into the 100 mile diet.

    Athene Paroupoloulis 12/11/2008 5:17 pm
  • Semi off topic, but when I think about it in terms of a pineapple I don’t think I have ever seen a store or market sell locally grown ones regardless of which season it is.

    Alan Yu 12/11/2008 9:09 pm
  • Your topic was “Shopping based on seasons”.

    All I’m saying is, when you buy food out of season, it is bad for the environment.

    Where did your pineapple come from anyways? I’m guessing since it’s winter in California, it must have come from the Southern Hemisphere.

    Athene Paroupoloulis 12/12/2008 10:39 am
  • Huh? I was referring to my comment response to yours being off topic a bit since I was just responding about where the item came from.

    It was a Dole brand, so I’m guessing it came from Hawaii.

    Alan Yu 12/12/2008 1:19 pm

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