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I was checking my e–mail and noticed that I got an invite to beta test a new ad program called shopping ads. Basically, it’s for web publishers to display ads on their site. The way this one works from what I read is that it revolves around finding items from price shopping comparison sites. In turn, it displays new deals on the publisher’s site. Let’s see, I am going to put the code below and let’s see what pops up:

Of course, I can’t actually see what is going to display until I publish this post. If it’s relevant to what people are interested in here, maybe I’ll try using it as another avenue to generate income for this little journey. Oh, happy halloween to everyone as well.

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  • disappointed 10/31/2007

    I got cheated yo.

    The ad I got was for a super cheap desktop computer, $150!
    What a great find I thought, so I went ahead and clicked thru…

    Next you know I’m at the by Ebay for a book about Sterostopic something or another.

    Where’s the computer?!

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