Shipping Prices For Just A Day Difference
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Shipping Prices For Just A Day Difference

I was researching about prices to send a small package to the US where initially I thought it would for sure be over $50 since it is crossing the border. But apparently there were a lot of options that seemed very reasonable. But one thing that really caught my attention is how the prices can be so different for just wanting an item to arrive one day later. For example, one option where the item would arrive March 21st would be about $19.54 and the other option that would have the item arrive at March 20th would be $28.47.

Granted there are differences such as liability coverages, but even the most expensive option that had the same benefits but would arrive even earlier was $41.64. I suppose if you desperately had to get something delivered fast then you would simply have to go with the most expensive option. The price difference though makes me think of others things where we pay a high premium price to get it sooner. Example, new releases or even grocery items where we can’t wait for sale.

Put that in perspective though where we could be spending more than double the amount of money each year on products and services simply because we want it done as quick as possible. If this is anything to go by where you have the ability to be a little flexible to not demand the fastest results per se, you can probably save so much money each year that would make it worth it.

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