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Sharing Expenses With Your Neighbors To Save Money

Today a person asked me to help him setup a wireless Internet connection and for the most part I thought it was pretty straightforward. However, the interesting thing to me was that he wanted me to use his neighbors Internet where he would essentially be getting wireless Internet from them. At first I thought he was just leaching, but when asked if the neighbour knew about it he was saying how they have arranged to share the Internet connection in order to cut costs on the monthly bill.

In this case he normally paid about $40+ a month to get Internet. However, he often found that he doesn’t really need a super fast connection and he normally does very basic stuff such as reading the news. As a result, he made a deal with the neighbor where he would pay about $5 a month to get access to his wireless Internet. That way, he saves a lot of money and the neighbour gets some. If people are wondering how far apart they are, these two happen to be residents in the same condo.

In many ways it can make sense I suppose huh? Of course you have to factor in like here if the person is a bandwidth guzzler then you wouldn’t want to share, but in cases like this it sure can make a lot of financial sense. Are we generally too sensitive about sharing resources like these with neighbors though? I’m just thinking this could even work in ways such as buying food or necessities in bulk and then splitting it to save money.

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