Settling For Expensive Prices To Get Child Sized Items
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Settling For Expensive Prices To Get Child Sized Items

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This was an interesting scenario today as I was with a couple that wanted to buy a toothbrush for like their one year old child. So size would play a factor. Throughout the store you could see that there were a ton of one dollar adult sized toothbrushes. However, there didn’t seem to be any on sale for the child sizes and so you could see that the wife was constantly looking at what the best deal would be. She grabbed one that came in a pair and just threw it in the cart.

As the husband took it to the checkout the item was scanned and he was in for a shock. The price of these tiny pair of toothbrushes were over six dollars. That means each of these were like three dollars each. Even I couldn’t believe it and suggested that he return it for a refund as that seems too high for what you are getting. He immediately took the toothbrush and wrapped the receipt around it as you can clearly tell even he felt like he was getting ripped off and was planning to get a refund for it.

In cases like this wouldn’t you be inclined to find an alternative solution? I know this is really common with gender targeted items such as deodorant where many times for whatever reason there are different prices depending if you buy the male or female targeted product. Like in those cases if the price are that substantially different I would imagine the cheaper one would work just as good. Like in the above case too I would have probably just bought a smaller soft bristled adult version.

I guess many times you treat buying things for a child as essentials to the point where in your mind money should have no factor into wanting to give them exactly what was made for them right? In cases like this though I am inclined to say the business is taking advantage of that kind of mindset where you are paying way too much than you should.

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