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Setting The Bar High Not As a Rule But To Sort

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Interesting comment I was reading about the recruiting practices of an organization. Essentially, whenever they are looking for new people and talent they would advertise that the person must have X amount of experience and all that. There were then some promising people who mentioned that they wouldn’t apply to them because they don’t meet the requirements that are listed.

The recruiter then made a comment how people shouldn’t be discouraged over lists like those as they only write it like that to hopefully avoid hundreds of generic applications from people who clearly wouldn’t qualify for the role. That is a good point to consider whenever you read things like that where people say you must have say five years of experience or even for something like a network that says you must have X amount of customers. In most cases they are simply used as a quality control type of precaution.

Therefore, if you believe in the quality of your work or skill then don’t let that stop you from seeing if the opportunity will be a good fit or not.

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