Service Outage Expenses
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Service Outage Expenses

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I was talking to a person today who has had her Internet unavailable due to some kind of mishap from the provider. Apparently, it was estimated to be down for at least five days or so. I was asking too if she was going to ask them for some kind of compensation for the downtime. She stated she wouldn’t unless it prolonged even longer as they are probably trying the best they can to get the service up an running again.

I was thinking what I would do and the first thing I thought of was to probably purchase one of those Internet sticks if I knew the service was going to be down for that long. As well, ask the service provider for some kind of compensation. It only seems fair as you can almost say it’s like a company’s version of not paying a bill on time where X amount of days is tolerable. But when it starts getting into the weeks of no service you should rightfully expect something.

Unless of course this was say a natural disaster that just physically destroyed power lines and such.

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