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Sentimental Items In Business

I heard a funny argument of sort today. Well, it was mostly friendly anyways. Basically, there was a person who has owned and operated a business for a long time where they obviously started way back and as a result you see them with things like these old stone age fax machines that they keep and also revolve their business around even though mot people would rather use things like an e-mail. This then started a conversation as one of their friends was telling them to get rid of the thing to reduce clutter and that it will probably make their business more efficient too if they got rid of it.

However, they were insisted in keeping it as to them it reminded them on where they were and how they started. This then started some conversations about how this is a business and it’s not like it is a relationship and the fact that it is just an old and outdated machine. But, it got no where as they were pretty keen in keeping it there for sentimental reasons. Is there really no room in a business environment for sentimental items like these?

I always think it is interesting when people have ancient items and equipment for sentimental values in a business as usually I assume there is an interesting story behind it. You most commonly see these types of things in restaurants to demonstrate how a business has grown through various generations. Of course I think the fine line here is if you are insistent in using items for sentimental reasons where it is hindering your ability to compete with others in an ever evolving market/industry then something needs changing I would think.

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