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Sending Something Bad or Not At All

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Recently I was getting recommended a ton of clips from that old Hell’s Kitchen show where Gordon Ramsay famously yells at people in a colorful way. Often there are times where people send out food that is bad just to get it out there yet Ramsay often refuses to serve something if it doesn’t meet a specific standard. That make sense of course but it does make you wonder would you always rather not give anything than something mediocre?

A food example would be you are a catering business where you are expected to deliver meals for a high end wedding. However, for whatever reason you just couldn’t get the best quality stuff as agreed. So as a result would you just tell them you can’t do it which would pretty much destroy the customer’s special day and not to mention your reputation or just deliver something subpar?

There are a ton of other examples too but I would imagine many times people would go for the subpar option as they would rather make the sale in some way if they can. I would think the best option would be to potentially lose the sale or be transparent with the recipient and let them decide while accepting the consequences of not delivering. A good reputation can be hard to rebuild over one bad decision.

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