Sending Late Payments Dated Way Back

Sending Late Payments Dated Way Back

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Today I got a message that I received a payment for a job I did last year. I was actually expecting it before the end of the year but nothing came. But today I did get it from the company. Funny enough, it showed that they actually received the funds in early December or so. But for whatever reason never sent me the payment. But today in their invoice receipt they marked it as if they sent it to me right at December 31, 2020. Makes me wonder, do you ever do that?

I guess in many ways it’s supposed to make it look like they did things promptly on their end. But it doesn’t make me question the professionalism of it. Imagine if I did an extremely early bird income tax report just to get it all out of the way. This would surely complicate it as theoretically the records they sent me says payment in 2020.

Although, at least it’s not like what some companies I have seen do where they never sent a payment and they insinuate that they sent it but you never got it for whatever reason. That’s why I always ask for some kind of proof they could show me for my records that they sent the payment. Virtually every scenario like those they never have anything.

In these cases, would you actually just be upfront about not submitting a payment on time or continue to mark it as if you did process on the date in question?

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