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Seminars To Learn or To Be Sold To

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Just today I got an e-mail about a person who was coming to town. At first I thought the individual was going to hold a workshop of some sort which I thought would be interesting to learn from. After reading the e-mail today, it mentioned how it was going to be a seminar based on the book she has written.

This made me a little iffy about attending it now as it sounded more like it was going to be a session where you get generic information in hopes to encourage you to buy books and product. Therefore, it would be more like an infomercial than a workshop.

I remember when I went to that Learning Annex event to get the free Trump book it definitely did feel like an infomercial. With that in mind you should always be more alert whenever you attend these types of events. The mob mentality can be really persuasive to a lot of people to drain their wallets I’d say if that is the intent.

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