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Selling The Old Before Getting The New

I recently saw a very good deal for digital DSLR camera and I have been debating about upgrading from my regular point and shoot for work purposes. The deal seemed good enough to warrant the purchase. However, one thing that I immediately thought about first to really seal the deal was that I tried to think of how fast and how much I could sell my old camera for. Therefore, I would factor that into this new purchase to see if it is even more reasonable.

Overall it didn’t seem too bad as it looked like I could get about $200 at minimum for my old camera. I personally view the clutter being a factor too on why I would want to try and sell the old product first as many times you can develop a bad habit where once you buy the new item you will just let the old item sit there while collecting dust. Most likely the value will depreciate more as you alienate it.

I guess you can just view it as an instant rebate if you sell the old right away too.

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