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Selling Items On Craigslist

This post is a little belated. During my Christmas shopping I hunted down a Nintendo Wii system as a Christmas gift for my nephew as I knew this was going to be a hard to find item during the holiday season. So, that was one shopping list that was done.

Shortly after, I started to hear about the potential snowfall warnings that were suppose to be really bad. Already having bought the system, a few days later I then figured that I would buy another one incase I knew anyone else that was trying to find it as a gift to save them the trouble of traveling through the snow as well as trying to buy a hot item. It was on my way anyways.

Sure enough, the snow came in as you all know and it hit us hard. Cars were getting buried as well. Just look at what happened to this limo that was parked on the side overnight:

Eventually it seemed like no one else needed it within my immediate contact. Therefore, I was just going to return it after the holidays. However, it clicked to me that I wanted to try something new such as Ebay selling as part of this income journey. Considering it was an item on demand too, I thought it should be an easy item to get rid of and at worst I would break even.

While I was debating about using an Ebay auction at first, I have been insanely busy during the month and didn’t really have time to go through the Ebay process. Example, I had to calculate all those transaction fees, determine the type of shipping, etc. Instead, I decided to just sell it locally using Craigslist.

I simply took a picture of the item first and posted it up. The actual cost of the system was $302.38 which includes all of the taxes. It was crazy seeing the prices people were selling this system for such as $450 for a new one and even $400 for a used/pre-owned system. So out of curiosity, I posted it for $380 at first to see if people were actually willing to pay that price.

Sure enough, I got responses. I could have sold it at that price, but being that I was busy I never got around to responding to people. Eventually, I was taking a little break from business and decided that I was ready to get rid of it. I posted it for $350 which wasn’t too bad I thought considering the weather and the demand for the item and sure enough I got requests.

I sold it to this nice couple on who happened to live around the neighborhood. I was a little concerned at first as the lady mentioned she was willing to travel through the snow to pick it up, but fortunately they lived not too far. She was telling me how she actually tried to walk into a store to find one and the sales person thought she was crazy. Once she got the item though she was extremely happy which was great as I saved her the hassle of trying to drive around the city too. In the end, I sold it for $350 meaning the net profit was $47.62.

Here is the new update:

Stock Investment: $800
Web Publishing: $601.37
Million Dollar Term: $100
Affiliate Sales: $91.01
Free Money and Credits: $100
Loose Change Savings: $209.23
Selling Items: $47.62

Total: $1949.23

One thing I did learn about selling on craigslist is just like a business it seems like the more a person can see that the seller is a real person the more likely you will get responses. Some postings got no reaction it seems. Example, just posting up a photo of the product that you take does a lot to show that you actually have the item.

Just like everything else I have tried so far too, it didn’t require too much effort and it can definitely add up.

2 Comments to Selling Items On Craigslist

  • “One thing I did learn about selling on craigslist is just like a business it seems like the more a person can see that the seller is a real person the more likely you will get responses.”

    With this in mind you should check out our site We launched in Sept. and have been growing quickly. (

    Brad Seraphin 12/29/2008 9:46 am
  • Interesting concept and use of social media there Brad. Maybe I’ll try it out and see how it does. I must admit though, it seems like it can be too much information to give out from a personal point of view unless everyone had like say a business number and address.

    Alan Yu 12/29/2008 12:48 pm

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