Selling Flags Must Be Big Business

Selling Flags Must Be Big Business

Tomorrow is Canada Day here and there seems to be a lot of people setting up mini businesses to try and sell Canadian flags to people for what seems to be extremely marked up prices. Example, small hand sized flags for like $7 which more than likely costs less than a dollar to produce. Of course, I have no doubt that it will probably sell without much problem.

This is almost like selling bottled water to people on the beach for high prices. Can’t blame people I suppose as it is simply taking advantage of a business opportunity. In some crazy way if you were an entrepreneur you could probably generate more revenue in one day by simply capitalizing on days like these than trying to sell everyday items all year huh?

I do wonder though. When it comes to items like these flags do people not actually keep them when they buy it? It’s almost like people throw them away after one day of use because it is so cheap only to then by new ones next year. I suppose that adds to why people make a lot of money this way.

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