Self Created Shopping Crowd

Self Created Shopping Crowd

So there is a new cell phone provider coming into the market here and it is getting a lot of press as it is essentially competition in the market that has revolved around three companies mostly. Of course, there are line ups and such already at stores for people who want to switch. The funny thing was how some people suggested that these people lining up are simply bodies that were hired by the company to create a sense of buzz.

I have actually seen companies do this many times as in many cases it does work to a certain extent. It just opens up a lot of viral possibilities such as creating line ups so long that people will say take pictures and begin to report about it. Although I personally think there are better ways to do it such as simply trying to run contests to draw more people. Especially when it comes to new product launches even something mundane such as the first five people in line get a free item can usually attract a large crowd on its own.

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