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Selecting The Best Forms of Payment To Save Money

Recently here there has been a major overhaul as to how the public transit system works. For example, various city areas were normally designated a zone number where the more zones you cross the more money the ticket to travel would cost. However, this was recently scrapped where all buses would adopt a one zone are system.

What is a little odd though is that the rapid transit system still requires a zone based fare system. Before, a ticket would enable you to use both that and the bus for a specific amount of time. So now it seems like you need to pay two separate fares which can end up being more if you use both. But the thing is there is this item called a “Compass Card” that is like a pre-paid card where the hope is people will use these instead of buying tickets. By the looks of it, it is cheaper to use this as your transit currency where the system treats the card like how the old tickets used to work in terms of using both the bus and rapid transit.

This made me think as recently I only used my credit card in the US which means the currency rate is determined by the credit card company where sometimes you have to pay a little extra. There were some people that opted to simply convert hundreds of dollars in cash instead as they felt it was cheaper this way. Whether or not I saved more or they did I am not too sure.

But this transit card example is kind of a more apparent example on how there are often different ways you can pay for products and services where one form of payment can give you substantial savings over the other.

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