Seeing Year End Annual Fees All At Once Benefit
Financial Management

Seeing Year End Annual Fees All At Once Benefit

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This is around the time a lot of people would be preparing for some Black Friday shopping in an effort to get gifts for others or oneself and hugely discounted price. While I am keeping an eye out for deals, one thing that has definitely arrived again are the annual renewal notices from various companies as it is almost a new year. This ranges from thing such as web hoisting for sites or memberships for businesses.

They definitely add up too where since I pay annually for a lot of services a $30 a month service can look very large when you pay it all at once. I was thinking how this an be beneficial in terms of financial management where seeing how much you pay a year can give you better insight as to whether or not the price is still reasonable. For example, paying something $30 a month may make you think it’s not that much as you can handle it so no big deal. But when it hits you all at once where you see say a $340 bill you are more inclined to think of it for the long term.

This can be true for small things such as buying a cup of coffee. I am sure each day it seems like nothing where you see it as maybe $3. But if you saw that all at the end of the year come up as $1,095 it probably will get you to think if it is too much or if there is a better way. I generally choose annual options if available as you usually get discounts as result. But at the same time it is a benefit I find to constantly make me think if how much I pay a year is still a good value.

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