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Seeing Your Phone Service Provider Get Bought Out

Today I read news that the mobile phone company I use called Wind Mobile just got bought out by an Internet giant called Shaw Communications where where the deal was reportedly worth $1.6 billion. This phone service was never the best or anything compared to the other big telecom companies. However, for the areas that were covered and the price it made the most financial sense to me.

With this buyout it makes me wonder if the service is going to get better. Primarily though, I was curious if the rates are going to go up. To my knowledge anyways, the company had been operating at a huge loss. Usually at these times a lot of people would flock over to a company like Wind and attempt to sign up for the cheapest plans available. The hope is when the larger company takes over which would most likely mean better service coverage, there is a small chance your phone plan would get grandfathered as well.

I know a lot of people did that with another company called Mobilicity here. Funny enough, my contract actually finished not too long ago and so this makes renewing it a little more interesting. I guess I just have to add this to the list of things to do now where I have to research more on what the best phone service value is out there. I wouldn’t be surprised if competitors react to this news as well.

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