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Seeing Your Progress Through Consistency

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Today I was looking at a fun project that a friend asked me to watch. I actually haven’t spoken to the person in awhile but have worked with them in the past. What I did notice was how I actually did something similar where in my opinion it got an okay result. I say just okay because when I compare it to the really big things that are well known what I did is rather small. But for the most part I just kept going.

So while looking at that project it was an interesting perspective to see how I have went so far ahead productivity wise compared to the person I worked with a long time ago. The only real difference I could think of was that I literally did something every day and for him he did maybe one project a month. The funny thing is when I look back at it his results were kind of similar to when I just started out too. But the only difference was I kept going.

In many ways it’s kind of like if he only did one thing once a month and I did something every day it would take him like thirty years to catch up. I usually don’t even think of it like that but I guess if that’s a way to show how just being consistent and doing something every day really adds up then that is a another way to look at it.

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