Seeing Prices That Are Cheaper Than Told

Seeing Prices That Are Cheaper Than Told

So I was just contacting some companies today as I was trying to get a feel for what the average cost would be for a particular service. There was one business that was giving me a quote where their service fee would be about $1000. The funny thing is that while doing more research I noticed that the same company was advertising its services. In the ads it specifically mentions that the same service they quoted me for $1000 was only about $200.

That was a pretty substantial difference I thought. Of course, before they recommended that I go in and talk to them about it as maybe they could work something out to give me an accurate quote. I always use these as a great way to help determine the integrity of the company or say the salesmen they throw at you. For example, if they keep saying they can’t go any lower even though you have information like this ahead of time it usually works great to your advantage.

Many times from my experience the person would end up giving you an even better discount as they want to try and recoup themselves since they worked so hard to tell you that they can’t go any lower as if they would go bankrupt if they went any lower.

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