Seeing One Go Out Of Their Way

Seeing One Go Out Of Their Way

Funny situation today as I required some help to get an issue fixed for a service I was using and they told me that they would address it soon and that their office hours are usually up to 6pm. So it was passed the hour where I figured they would try to address it the next day when they were back at work. Then at about 10pm this guy from the company contacts me and he said he found some time to try and fix the issue now as he wanted to see it get done.

My immediate thought was that sure shows dedication as it seemed like he was going out of his way to resolve this. That can go so far especially when you are starting a business I say as it’s moments like these that usually generate the loyalty as well as word of mouth recommendation. Of course the catch sometimes is you have to find some balance on when to do things like this otherwise if you keep going out of your way all the time then some people will kind of expect it always and ironically will use it against you if all of a sudden you don’t go out of your way.

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