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Seeing If Studies Are Tied To Company Funding Smoking And COVID Example

It’s a common practice for a lot of businesses to say how their product or service was tested in various studies which conclude that in one way or another it is viewed as something really positive. With that, many consumers would often make purchases as it gives the feeling of reassurance that whatever it is they are thinking will be good. But of course studies can often be bias where they are funded by the company and processed in a way to make them look as good as possible.

What got me thinking about this is how recently apparently there was a study of sort released about cigarette smoking that was funded by a Tabaco company. This study suggested that people who smoke may be less likely to be affected by COVID-19 compared to non-smokers. From what I read too it seems like there were even suggestions that studies should be conducted where non-smokers will wear nicotine patches to see if it has positive effects in fighting off the virus.

I was just thinking, even if that is true wouldn’t getting lung cancer from cigarette smokes negate any claimed benefit of fighting off COVID. It’s almost like reducing the risk of one respiratory disease to just increase it in a different way. But it does show how anyone can make any type of study make them sound favourable. So if you are only making decisions based on these types of information it’s important to look at who it links back to financially.

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