Seeing How Little People Get For Their Money
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Seeing How Little People Get For Their Money

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I often said that one of the best ways to encourage you to save money when shopping is to become aware of the lowest prices that a product has historically dropped to. That way you always have a good reference to determine if something is truly a great deal as opposed to relying on sale signs that may just have inflated prices. The other day I was thinking how seeing people spend a ton of money on basic items is a good way to reinforce good spending habits too.

There was a person who purchased some lunch items and boy was it expensive. The smoothie itself was just a regular cup size and that cost over ten dollars. Just thinking about that made me imagine how much groceries I can buy at the supermarket. In many ways too that can be just as good of a way to stop you from making expensive purchases. Usually too you see people’s reactions on how they think they spent too much which makes you not want to repeat what they did.

I know as a child that was one thing I did to manage my money better where I always saw people spending their allowances on expensive things just because they saw it on TV. Taking a step back I started to think about the many other things I could buy for the same amount and that people would often regret their expensive purchases after. It actually became like a form of schooling where I just observed people spending so much money and getting little in return where their less than enthusiastic responses after taught me not to do that. You can still do that too even as an adult to encourage you to get things with long lasting value.

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