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Seeing How Far Your Dollar Can Go In Other Places

So today I was having a brief conversation with a lady who is definitely going to try and turn her financial situation around as right now she seems to be pretty well off in terms of an income, but having a lot of children is a big factor on why at the end of the day there doesn’t seem to be anything left.

She actually showed me a list and all too and some of her children were growing up in a different country that is definitely not as fortunate as say here in North America. It was amazing too to see how one dollar here was able to buy so many things over there. At the same time, this made trying to save money even more alarming.

For example, she indicated on her list that she would need about $2000 to buy a laptop for the children and at the same time other things such various clothing items was a few cents. So after educating her a bit and that she could say buy a laptop for say less than $500, in this case especially that $1500 savings could almost take care of the child for an entire 6 months there.

That sure is an eye opener if you are one to always think that saving a dollar here and there is not worth the time.

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