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Seeing How Easy It Is To Do It Yourself

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The other week for one reason or another I saw a lot of advertisement for these kale chips and it sounded like something I would be interested in trying it. However, the prices seemed ludicrous such as three dollars for a pretty small bag. I get the notion that healthy stuff is usually more expensive but that was a little steep I thought. My immediate thought was how hard can it be to do it yourself?

So, I went to buy a small bunch of kale for a little over a dollar and then started to visit some sites to get the gist of how people make it. It seemed pretty idiot proof too where it was literally wash the product, put some oil if you want and then bake. Literally that was it. I tried it and it seemed great. Of course, the biggest thing that came to mind again was how much money you could save by simplify doing things yourself.

Looking at how much you could make with a small bunch it was like two to three bags worth of product if you were to buy the commercially made stuff. This is like one of those situations too where when you actually do it yourself and see the savings you can’t help but not to become more financially aware of your spending habits and looking for better ways to save money.

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