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Seeing Honesty In Merchants To Create Loyalty

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The other day while at a store there was an interesting scenario where it seemed like it was a family owned business and the daughter was put at the front talk and take orders from customers. While asking for prices to fix an item the mom quoted a rather high figure and the daughter then actually tried to tell her to reduce it based on previous quotes. Eventually they did go for the lower price quote. I was then thinking how in the back the mom was probably saying something like “Why didn’t you charge them more?” sort of routine where the daughter was probably like “That’s too much.”

I was thinking because whenever I see honesty in a merchant when it comes to prices like this I think that is good as it encourages you to go back which ultimately means more profit for the business too. A good common example is how when you want to buy something but don’t know what stereo typically the snake salesman will sell you the highest priced item. However, seeing a person recommend the less expensive one that does exactly what you need is a create way to create that rust and loyalty to shop again.

They often say treat people like how you would like to be treated too. In many cases like these that’s the way to go to earn that trust and loyalty for repeat business.

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