Seeing An Employee Use Vulgar Language And Then Pitching Services

Seeing An Employee Use Vulgar Language And Then Pitching Services

Well this was awkward. Today while browsing through a store to see if there were any deals I walked past what looked like an employee who was using vulgar language on the phone as it would appear he was having dispute with someone. From what I gather, it sounded like a scheduling issue of sort in regards to which store he should be at. That made me think he as involved with store merchandising or doing jobs such as a cycle count.

As I just continue to look around afterwards I was approached by someone who immediately asked if I collected store reward points ad if I wanted to get their credit card to receive $100 for free. It’s a common pitch that I usually politely decline. As I turned around to inform the person I noticed that this was the exact same person I saw earlier that was cussing up a storm.

That image of the person pretty much stuck with me which made it hard to not to think he was say hotheaded even though he was trying to be nice here. Imagine seeing that and then talking a guy that is trying to sell you an expensive car or house. I would imagine a lot of people would be more hesitant to buy from them. Or a crazier example would be seeing your dentist go on this explosive vulgar rant where one minute later it’s your turn to get your teeth done.

I guess that is the importance of maintaining a professional image of sort while you are on the job premise where customers can see you huh?

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