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Scheduling Your Day Based On Sales

I’ve heard this many times when it came to grocery shopping where in order to save a lot of money many families base their weekly meals around what is on sale at the supermarket. It was kind of interesting to see people do this in an extreme way when it comes to just regular activities. For example, each day they would see which vendors have a promotion going on such as discounts for movie tickets or a tour at some kind of sightseeing area.

I suppose it is easier to do nowadays especially with a site like Groupon where many companies want to offer people a huge discount as it attracts more business overall. Might be a good way to get you to explore as many different things as possible too. I’m thinking I should try something like that for one month just to see how many different things it would lead me too and how much money it saves overall. Of course, if you are one that normally doesn’t spend much on activities then this would just be an added expense.

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