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Scared To Be Rich Again After Being Duped Out of All Your Money

This was a crazy story I read on the Nytimes’ website. As you can see, it was a story about a man who lost $718,000 due to the services of a psychic where he felt if he didn’t keep giving the person money for her services bad things would happen. He had friends warn him apparently that this was all a scam but he just kept going. While there were other twists to the story, in the end the person was saying how he is kind of afraid to start making money again due to this experience.

Based on my personal experience, almost every person I know who has managed money very well or has accumulated a lot of wealth that I know of has been scammed in one way or another during their lifetime where it’s like they lose so much of their hard work in an instant. I have never met anyone that was afraid to start over again though.

My personal view of it anyways is that you can always use your story to help promote change in an effort to try and make sure others don’t have to go through the same as you do. A very expensive way to get life experience that you can create a documentary on later on down the road is the lighter way of viewing it. This story kind of made me think how despite all the money you have making sure you develop a real supportive group of people in your life sure is important.

Otherwise like this person you are most likely going to end up in front of vultures that will eat up every last penny that you have by taking advantage of your vulnerability. Don’t just focus on building wealth but authentic relationships as well.

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