Saying You Can Do Better Than Others or Not

Saying You Can Do Better Than Others or Not

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It was surprising to read this comment today from a person who seems to want to be film producer of sort. From the looks of it he is desperately trying to get funding from various sources to create his films which involves government grants or even entering competitions. He recently tried to apply through one competition but wasn’t successful by the looks of it. His track record didn’t seem too good as well as it seems like virtually all of his projects never got outside funding.

So what was surprising was how for one competition he actually saw the projects that were funded and usually you can expect some good ones and some bad ones. He then took this opportunity to publicly bash some of the projects as looking very unprofessional considering they were granted funds to make this film which he then started to gloat about how much better he could have done.

He actually started to get quite technical too about it on how everything he had in place would have in a sense guaranteed success while essentially bashing the organization as a whole. That was so crazy I thought considering virtually every grant opportunity hasn’t chosen him. As well, don’t you think criticizing other people’s work in that way can only lead to burnt bridges of sort?

It’s one thing if you actually have the portfolio and accomplishments to be that blunt kind of like a fighter that talks the talk and walks the walk. But generally speaking I don’t think it’s a good idea to have that kind of approach in an effort to promote yourself. Again, especially if you don’t have the work to back it up per se.

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