Saying Everyday Is Your Birthday
Financial Management

Saying Everyday Is Your Birthday

Would you actually be willing to tell companies that everyday is your birthday simply as a way to get free services or items at a discounted price? I was hearing how one person was saying it is silly not to if like a business has a sign outside saying if it is your birthday you can get special discounts. In many of these cases people don’t actually attempt to verify it in anyway either.

This would feel too weird to me personally even though usually the offer in general isn’t anything to brag about. Example, maybe getting a free ice-cream dessert at a restaurant. The person was saying how it is no different than say parents that say their kids are younger than they really are in order to be able to take advantage of certain perks and discounts.

In many ways it just makes me think of like an adult saying they are buying that kids meal for their child when really it is for themselves. Just one of those things to me where when it comes to saving money these types of tactics seem to be abusing a sense of trust that people are willing to openly give.

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