Savings During Different Times of The Day

Savings During Different Times of The Day

This is something that you would normally only expect in places such as restaurants where the prices of items vary depending on the time of the day where the business feels that a lot of customers will come in. Hence, they will make more profit this way. Interestingly enough I just saw business that sold collectibles where they raised the prices to coordinate with people that go to watch movies at a nearby theatre. They then bank that this wave of people will go into the store right after and so they bump up the prices.

Pretty risky move I say as I would think this would only work for really small businesses that don’t usually get a lot of traffic. I can imagine how fast people would catch on to that and start spreading word about it which may cause people to not even go there again. Unless you sell something that is in such hot demand then that is a different story as that would be a supply and demand scenario.

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