Saving So Much Time By Enlisting The Help of A Pro or Veteran

Saving So Much Time By Enlisting The Help of A Pro or Veteran

The other day I was just playing Pokemon Go while walking outside to my destination and I noticed there was a person sitting down while furiously tapping on a phone. This actually gave it away that he was playing the game. I asked if he wanted help which he expressed he did. Because I am at a max level in the game I was able to help him defeat this gym fairly quickly and he was shocked. He expressed how it would normally take him about 20 minutes to do the same.

If this was a business it just makes you think how if you are spending way too much time trying to complete repetitive tasks yourself maybe it’s truly time to hire a pro of sorts who can finish the job for you a lot quicker. For example, maybe it’s a business where you need to scan a ton of documents and files each day. Like there you can probably find someone who could do it quickly and efficiently. What might take you two hours could take them one hour as an example.

I often find many people don’t want to enlist the help of others not so much because of financial reasons but rather the fear that they are putting important aspects of their business in the hands of another. While it’s important to be able to do things on your own it’s just as important to be able to do things as efficiently as possible too. If that means getting others who can do the work faster and better then it only makes sense to do so.

Are there risks to getting others to help? Of course. But imagine the risk too where you are spending more time just trying to maintain something as opposed to actually growing.

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