Saving Money By Completing Multiple Tasks Per Trip
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Saving Money By Completing Multiple Tasks Per Trip

I was thinking today as many times when I go out to do some kind of task I usually try to think of what else I can do on the way. This could range from shopping for groceries or simply meeting with people to catch up. It might sound little strange, but I feel I actually save a lot of money this way when you start adding it up. The main factor is transportation expenses. Often times people would schedule and plan for single trips such as going to the supermarket and coming back. Then on another day one would maybe plan for a trip to go do an activity.

For myself I usually try and see if I can do these things on the same trip to better manage my time and transportation expenses. People going to gyms is very common right? Like for myself whenever I go out to get some exercise my usual plan on the way back home is to drop by the supermarket and grab whatever I need. This essentially helps me to solve two things in one. It could be the other way around too. For example, if I needed to grab something from the supermarket I then think if I can get some exercise on the way there or back.

It might not seem much, but I feel this habit ends up saving me time and money while encouraging me to be resourceful with my time. It’s too easy to take things like your transportation options for granted where you can get to point A to point B very fast so the mentality is there is no need to be productive with your time. People often say in business that solving multiple problems with one solution is the way to go if you can. For your personal finance I find that to be true if you can do that for your general lifestyle as well.

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