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Saving Money By Being Unconventional

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Recently I saw this set of exercise weights for sale and for the most part it seemed like decent price. I then heard someone commenting how it was a waste of money either way as he could easily find a rock that weighs similar and use that as weights for free. Although it does sound kind of funny, in many ways it doesn’t seem unreasonable if you really wanted to be unconventional to save money. Almost reminds me of the use a rock if you don’t have a hammer saying.

I remember one idea I heard that makes most people cringe is how to save money on bathroom tissue. Basically, you shouldn’t have to buy any at all. Instead, you should use things like cloth or towels which are washable. Again, in many ways it just sounds so dumb and unconventional yet the more you think about it things like that kind of make sense. Even I will admit that I can’t even get over the thought of how weird that is to try out a system for that.
Just kind of shows you how much we spend each day on things where there are perfectly viable alternatives if you go with an unconventional root.

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