Saving Expensive Purchases For Multiple Small PC Point Reward Bonuses
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Saving Expensive Purchases For Multiple Small PC Point Reward Bonuses

I usually get these offers for stores such as Shoppers Drug Mark where if you spend $50 or more they will give you twenty times the reward point. This can really add up. However, it can be tempting to just buy a bunch of stuff that you didn’t really need just for the sake of meeting the sales quota in order to get he deal. For myself, I have a habit of holding off on purchases that would easily get me to say $50 so that when I get other small deals I can easily combine it with this to get the most out of it.

A perfect example was that I recently got these offer where you could buy a dozen eggs for $1.99 each. That’s a great deal that I wanted to take advantage of. Now normally to take advantage of the $50 or more deal that means I would have to think of stuff to buy, even if they aren’t on sale, to take advantage of it. That can honestly counter any kind of savings I get from these eggs.

However, one thing that I do need to get from time to time are these Sonicare replacement brushes. They are often expensive at about $45 for a pack usually when it isn’t on sale. I have enough to the point where I don’t have to be in a position to buy them at full price. But with this twenty times the point offer and getting the eggs that would technically save me more even at that price. To my surprise though the brushes happened to be on sale where as a result I had to find more stuff to buy.

In the end I found some great deals on peanut butter n jam and so I got those. This is a classic shopping habit I have in terms of holding off big purchases in order to take advantage of frequent offers like these where when they all align you can save a lot of money.

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