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Same Work In Different Industries For More Pay

I was talking to a person the other day who worked in a field that required him to do some pretty far-fetched acrobatics. However, by the sounds of it he was getting paid very minimal for his work. As a result, he had an idea to try and find a different industry where he would do almost the same type of work except he would get paid more for it.

That is kind of interesting in the sense that for most people when they look to make more income they think of trying something completely new as if it was a career change. Yet it is not too surprising if you find that different industries seem to value certain trades and skills more where the compensation is higher.

I guess in many ways that can apply to products and services you offer in a business where if your idea isn’t selling very well in a certain industry you never know as elsewhere it could be a hit. Kind of reminds how some people say that Spam food product in North American is usually viewed as a cheap food alternative yet in different countries people value it like how we view food dishes like say a lobster.

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