Same Skills For Multiple Industries

Same Skills For Multiple Industries

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I received a phone call today from a gentlemen that wanted to have a slideshow created for his wedding and unfortunately he has not had much luck in doing so. He expressed to me that everyone either only did it if you agreed to buy these very expensive wedding packages or that it was too complicated for the people he asked.

The funny thing too was that I personally don’t specialize in wedding slideshows per say, but I know from a technical point of view it is the same thing from other things that I have done that require a similar skill set. As a result, the person mentioned that he really wanted to hire me to do it for him.

Should make you think too where if you are trying to maximize your potential in terms of acquiring business that you don’t necessarily need to limit yourself to a specific category. While staying in a particular niche can be good in its own right, the options are there to branch out if you desire to expand your offerings.


  • Stewart 7/17/2008

    Not being picky really, honest!

    looks like the gentleman was a PC user, slide shows are very simple in iPhoto on the Mac 🙂

    The danger with branching out is that you can end up doing a bad job of something you are not really good at. For instance, there’s no shortage of website builders who think they are good at design (i.e. the visuals), they are very different skills and rarely do you find someone who can do both.

    Another example is someone who believes public speaking is about using Microsoft Plunderpoint (sorry Powerpoint). A good presentation, even speech writing and being a powerpoint wizard are all different, in fact designing proper visuals is probably nothing to do with powerpoint either!

    I think it’s all a matter of degree. As long as you act honestly and understand/communicate where you have limitations there is nothing wrong with branching out a bit – it can be very healthy.

  • Alan Yu 7/17/2008

    lol. I like how you linked to a wiki about it too. 😆

    I think everyone that did a presentation in those new ventures seminars used Powerpoint. 😉

  • Stewart 7/17/2008

    Thankfully, of the seven remaining 30 entrants I saw at the Mentor Panel last week, at least 2 managed to avoid Plunderpoint and go with KeyNote – a much nicer experience all round!

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