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Sacrificing Health For Money

I was talking to a person recently who started working in construction at a very young age. As a result, he is very well off financially and can pretty much do things such as buy his own condo without requiring any type of loaned money.

Unfortunately, as a result he mentions that he has pretty much burnt out his body now and can’t do things such as lift extremely heavy objects anymore. He can still do everyday things though without any real trouble and is in his early thirties, but as apparent he can’t work in a physically intensive field anymore.

When I asked him on whether or not he regretted it he was pretty contempt overall it seemed but mentioned that at the time it was mainly money that was in his mind. This isn’t meant to be a one of those sap stories as obviously the person is living fine. But what it did make me think of is how if you are doing anything that compromises your health that making less money now to be healthier can mean making more money overall in your lifetime.

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  • I wonder whether earning money online and sitting behind my laptop all day is that healthy. I have been making an effort to lose weight and do more exercise lately.

    Turn One Pound Into One Million 5/30/2008 1:24 am

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