Sacrificing For Opportunities Only

Sacrificing For Opportunities Only

So I had a pretty tight schedule this week and a person contacted me about a potential opportunity to be involved in some ad campaign that would be fairly lucrative. The thing is, he confirmed that I would attend to the event as he assumed I would say yes anyways.

Of course I had pre-arrangements already made and so time wise it wasn’t doable. I then asked why he did that and he simply mentioned that it was potentially worth over $10,000 and so he thought there was no way anyone would turn that down.

Thing is too, this was like of those out of your hands as it was more like an audition or quick interview of some sort where you go through a process and then it is up to a panel of say “judges” who decide your fate. That wasn’t exactly a guarantee thing either as it is just an “opportunity”.

While you obviously need to take risks to a certain extent, it’s kind of silly if you had say two loyal clients that you committed to and then simply throw that away for a potential opportunity to be involved in what can be a more lucrative project.

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